Itoshii, Hito

Itoshii, Hito

Other Name: 愛しい、ひと ; My Dear (KIRISHIMA Tamaki)

Author(s): Kirishima Tamaki,

Status: Ongoing

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Last Updated: 14 May, 2018

Itoshii, Hito is about From Yaoi Desire Revolution:At night, once the clinic closes, he quietly visits alone. The doctor of Wada clinic — Motoki, waits sincerely in his consultation room for this special patient, maintaining a calm expression. Kashima, a brave man, is a member of the Kitora who throws himself into a lot of conflicts and fights. The truth is, he loves Mitake, and is surrounded by danger for his sake. Because of this, Motoki falls in love with Kashima’s actions. During the moments after the consultation, they become like hungry beasts. At first, a physical relationship was sufficient. But as time passes, the current relationship slowly became unsatisfying… Full of bursting feelings and passion — a story about unrequited love.

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