Renai Shoumei

Renai Shoumei

Other Name: 恋愛証明~Proof of Love ; Escape (FUWA Shinri) ; Kiss and Cry ; One Million Kisses ; Proof of Love ; Without You

Author(s): Fuwa Shinri,

Status: Complete

Views: 18

Last Updated: 13 May, 2018

Renai Shoumei is about Collection of short stories:1) Renai Shoumei (Proof of Love)Japanese translator, Atsushi, is able to convey other people’s words, but he can never seem to express himself. Now American businessman Chris wants more of a relationship, but can Atsushi say the right things to save this relationship? Atsushi has already gone through one heart breaking relationship…and why does Chris seem to know the previous lover?2) Kiss and CryOtsuka is the manager for handsome young actor Kanade, and also his secret lover.3) Gokujou no Kiss4) EscapeOsanai’s new job at all boy’s school means “look but don’t touch” for the newly single gay teacher. Unfortunately student council head Matsuyama Yutaka has no intention of leaving his cute sensei alone, no matter how much Osanai tries to resist…5) Without You6) One Million KissesAn extra for Kiss and Cry, it’s in the point of view of their boss…

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