Te wo Tsunagou yo

Te wo Tsunagou yo

Other Name: てをつなごうよ ; 我们牵手吧~你是我的花~ ; 让我们手牵手 ;El Ele Tutuşalım~! ; Let's Hold Hands!

Author(s): Amu Meguro,

Status: Ongoing

Views: 67

Last Updated: 29 June, 2018

Te wo Tsunagou yo manga is about Kusunoki Azuki and Daizu are close siblings who live in the Arisuno apartment complex. Their next door neighboor is Azuki's childhood friend Tachibana Chika, who has feelings for her. One day, two brothers who are close to their ages, Hiiragi Mizuki and Ryuusei, move into their other neighboring apartment.A heart throbbing neighborhood graffiti starts now!