Zutto Aishite

Zutto Aishite

Other Name: ずっと愛して ; Crazy in Love

Author(s): Ichijou Lemon,

Status: Ongoing

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Last Updated: 14 May, 2018

Zutto Aishite is about 1. Zutto AishiteSeto Hayato was heartbroken and had a one-night stand with a guy he met at the gay bar. Only to reunite with the same man, Sakaguchi Shuuichi, when the police arrived because of Seto’s report of his apartment being robbed. Both were happy about meeting and after another night of talking, the two realize that they want to become closer to one another.2. Motto Aishite3. Suki no Shirushi4. Dokusen Mania5. Mitsuai Mania6. Onegai Zutto Zoba ni Ite

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